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Rock Chalk Wichita

My favorite potential second round game is Wichita State vs. Kansas. Two powers and in-state rivals showing up for the mother of all round of 32 match ups.

Well, it’s probably not fair to call them rivals considering Kansas coach Bill Self wants nothing to do with them and refuses to agree to a home and home with Gregg Marshall. Can’t say that I blame him. He gets absolutely nothing out of that. If he beats them, which isn’t easy, he’s supposed to, and gets no credit. And if he loses, there should be no shame in that, but there would be and it’s a terrible look.

No, the only way we get the match that entire state has been waiting for is if the committee makes them play one another. But the Shockers have to get by Indiana first and Kansas has to handle New Mexico State.

Don’t tank fellas. You know you want to beat each other’s brains in, and you’re about to get your chance. Win your first round warm-ups, then it’s time to ring the bell. Rock Chalk Wichita.

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