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Robert Lusetich

Info & Stats: Senior Golf Writer

All Topics: His expectations for Tiger Woods at the Waste Management Phoenix Open | Tiger is as bad as he’s ever been right now | Tiger’s short game is awful now | It’s so difficult to digest what’s happened to Tiger | Tiger having a case of the yips | Where Tiger is mentally | Earl Woods always had Tiger playing guys his own age to become a winner | Tiger’s intimidation is gone | Stevie Williams and Tiger | How Tiger’s career may end

Feb 3rd 2015

Robert on Tiger Woods: “He’s probably as bad as he’s ever been right now.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Feb 3rd 2015

Aug 6th 2014

All Topics: PGA Championship at Valhalla | There wasn’t a Tiger Woods sighting at Valhalla | Tiger not willing to shut it down for the year | Tiger being so fragile | Tiger withdrawing from Bridgestone last weekend | Hank Haney’s comments about Tiger’s body | Tiger and his athlete buddies | Tiger’s need to justify himself to other athletes | Haney’s view of Tiger growing up nerdy | Rory McIlroy’s play | McIlroy reminds him of Phil Mickelson in a way | McIlroy is smart enough to ride his momentum | Rickie Fowler | Not surprised the least about Dustin Johnson being suspended | PGA Tour’s policy of protecting players |

Robin on how surprised he was to hear reports of Dustin Johnson being suspended by the PGA Tour after his third failed drug test: “0.0 percent.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Aug 6th 2014

June 16th 2014

All Topics: US Open | Martin Kaymer’s performance at the US Open | People complaining about the US Open being boring | Kaymer winning the 2010 PGA Championship | Kaymer re-working his swing after winning the PGA Championship | Thought Kaymer was a little bit too much in his own head | Kaymer being ranked No. 1 in the world at one time | Kaymer not having star power | Donald Trump’s comments on the look of Pinehurst | Doesn’t think the US Open TV ratings will be good | World Cup

Robert on Martin Kaymer:“He doesn’t have star power.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • June 16th 2014

Apr 1st 2014

All Topics: Tiger Woods having back surgery and missing The Masters | Shocked Tiger is missing The Masters | Woods’ pinched nerve in his back | Woods is no longer in control of his own destiny | Woods body has a lot of wear and tear on it | Woods swing changes could have contributed to his bad back | Tiger hasn’t won a major since 2008 | The sport of golf now |

Robert’s reaction to hearing Tiger would miss The Masters: “I was shocked.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Apr 1st 2014

June 11th 2013

All Topics: U.S. Open | Sunny in Philadelphia right now | Tiger Woods’ press conference | Playing at Merion | The history of Merion Golf Club | 18th Championship hosted at Merion | Merion is the Wrigley Field of golf courses | The closing holes at Merion are brutal | Tiger’s chances at Merion | Tiger saying Sergio Garcia did not apologize for his “fried chicken” blast yesterday | Doesn’t think Garcia’s comment bugged Tiger at all | Phil Mickelson | How Mickelson’s peers feel about him |

Robert on Tiger Woods’ and Sergio Garcia’s relationship: “These guys don’t like each other.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • June 11th 2013

Apr 15th 2013

All Topics: Big night for himself being an Aussie | Adam Scott becoming the first Australian to win the Masters | Scott’s 18th hole put will change his career | Angel Cabrera | Australian’s history at the Masters | Playoff between Scott and Cabrera | Stevie Williams being on Scott’s bag | Stevie Williams reading the green correctly on the final playoff hole | Having a beer with Adam Scott last night | Scott calling a few of them over to his rented house last night | Scott’s putter | Anchored putter’s will probably be banned | Tiger Woods’ infraction on Friday | Woods’ was punished because of what he said | Voices calling for Tiger to withdrawal | Woods having the camera on him all the time |

Robert on having a beer with Adam Scott after the Aussie won the Masters: “He was pretty much on cloud 9.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Apr 15th 2013

Aug 09, 2012:

Robert on Rory McIlroy’s recent struggles: “He’d rather be in Paris with his girlfriend than on the range.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Aug 09, 2012 Interview

Feb 13, 2012:

Robert on Tiger Woods’ problems: “He’s still dealing with that scandal.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Feb 13, 2012 Interview

Jul 22, 2011:

Robert thoughts on Tiger Woods firing Steve Williams: “He made a big mistake.”

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Jul 22, 2011 Interview

Jul 02, 2010:

Topics: Tiger Woods | Woods’ struggles | Tiger says he’s close but I don’t see it | Woods on the greens | Foes no longer fear Woods | Get the aura back | Bad decisions | Tiger’s mental errors | Throwing Steve Williams under the bus | Tiger Woods does man up | Tiger’s neck | Tiger’s games with the media | Tiger’s secret life | Does not believe Steve Williams knew about Tiger’s secret life | Former swing coach Hank Haney | Haney says Tiger wasn’t as dedicated as he once was | Haney says his and Tiger’s relationship was dysfunctional from the beginning | Tiger’s partying has taken a toll | Tiger’s divorce settlement | Does Elin know something that Tiger doesn’t want out | Tiger’s new brand | Will he run down Jack Nicklaus? | Believes Tiger learned his lesson |

  • Robert Lusetich
  • Jul 02, 2010 Interview

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