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Rob Konrad Story

Rob Konrad won the week. You may remember this dude. Bad bad fullback from Syracuse, back when the Orange could still actually wreck shop. 2nd rounder to the Dolphins, back when fullbacks actually carried the rock. I thought I already knew Rob Konrad was a beast… And then he fell out of his boat.

According to the Coast Guard, Konrad was fishing alone, off the coast of Florida with his boat on autopilot. He fell into the Ocean, his boat kept going and he had to swim home. Nine miles! Swam NINE miles home, wearing only his underwear.

Is this dude’s name Konrad… Or Nyad? Because even Lady Di wasn’t freestyling from Cuba to the Keys by herself, and without the training. The Coast Guard also says Konrad was in the water up to 12 hours. No shark net. No wingmen flanking him on a boat. No breaks for peanut butter and water. Just you, the waves, the salt, and the notion that any second something could bite your legs off.

The Late Louis Zamperini is impressed Konrad didn’t just call it quits.

And I have to have to do this. I just I hope this story doesn’t go someplace weird. Sorry, it’s just that I work in a world of a USC Trojan jumping off a balcony to save his nephews and a Fighting Irish Linebacker who’s cherished girlfriend died after battling cancer was really a dude. But Konrad apparently really did have hypothermia, so I’m going to roll with it.

Apparently, dude really may have been swimming with sharks and this is one time we’re not getting catfished. Get that fullback a bottle of water and some Skippy, asap.

That swim is unbelievable. Rob Konrad is “Unbreakable.”

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