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RIP Mase

The NBA has lost one of the baddest players from its greatest era. Former New York Knick Anthony Mason passed away over the weekend at the age of 48. If you’re too young to remember this dude- go spend some on YouTube. You’ll barely even recognize the basketball Anthony Mason was allowed to play. And I know you won’t recognize the New York Knicks.

Mason was classic muscle for Pat Riley’s Knicks in the 90s. Ewing. Oak. Mase. They ran the Garden, and they loved Anthony Mason in that joint. You hear about an old, vintage NBA where you could actually protect the rim and put guys to the floor – Mase put Jordan to the floor. You don’t see physicality that like anymore. And you don’t see guys playing 42 minutes a night. Certainly not at 6’7 270. Mason holds the Knicks’ season record for minutes played, and he was one of their best enforcers when folks were still afraid of the Knicks.

When Knicks could still intimidate people..Biggest shoulders in the league, one of the biggest favorites in the MSG. The big man was New York raised, he was new york bras…and he was shaving statements into his lettuce and checking hall of famers. Mason ran with Pippen, he could hang with Olajuwon, and he could muscle up anyone. The Mecca used to be one of basketballs scariest places, and Anthony Mason was one of its faces. New York misses the man. The NBA misses his brand. Rest in Peace, Mase.

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