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Rick Neuheisel on Johnny Manziel: ‘I would have a zero tolerance for him going forward if I’m the Cleveland Browns’

Former college head coach and current Pac-12 analyst Rick Neuheisel said he was a fan of Johnny Football at Texas A&M, but says the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner has him worried.

“I was a huge Johnny Manziel fan, what I thought he brought to the college game was refreshing,” Neuheisel told The Jim Rome Show. “But based on some of his decision making now that he’s a professional, and he knows, clearly he knows that he’s being watched, and for him to just have this attitude that he doesn’t care and he’s still going to do the things that he does and become news worthy, to me I got to question that.”

The former NFL assistant coach said if he were Manziel’s pro coach he’d have no more patience for the quarterback’s antics.

“I would have a zero tolerance for him going forward if I’m the Cleveland Browns,” said Neuheisel. “We can’t afford that because where there’s smoke there’s fire and clearly there’s way too much smoke when we’re talking about Johnny Manziel.”

Neuheisel also talked about another controversial former Heisman winning quarterback, Jameis Winston, and assessed his NFL potential.

“Winston is a ready-made guy on the field, he’s got all the anticipation,” said the former UCLA quarterback and head coach. “What we don’t know about Jameis Winston, and all these NFL teams are going to investigate is all this off-field research, why he makes the decisions he makes off the field. Is there something psychologically wrong with him or is just a maturity issue. And if they can get to the bottom of that and figure out as long as he can figure out these decisions are wrong he’s not some person that has some deep seeded issue that keeps him from making wise decisions when he’s away from the field of play, then Jameis Winston would be a fabulously choice. Because as everyone who’s talking about him knows he’s a fantastic player and clearly there’s no stage too big for him.”

Neuheisel also weighed in on this season’s Heisman winner, Marcus Mariota of Oregon, and provided some advice for the NFL team that selects him.

“If you take Mariota, I think you have to go with the idea that you’re going to draft his offense,” said Neuheisel. “If you take Marcus Mariota and you incorporate some of the stuff that he does at Oregon, that which the rules will allow in the NFL, you will have a dynamic player because there’s no question about Marcus Mariota off the field. He’s a fabulous guy, great role mode, he’ll be in that film room almost 24/7 that’s the kind of kid he is.”

  • Rick Neuheisel
  • Jan 7th 2015

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