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Rex Is All In

We know Rex Ryan can win the press conference. Now we’re seeing him try to win the city.

Guy’s been Buffalo’s head coach for just a few weeks, and he’s already killed beers with Jim Kelly and just now…changed his tatt to Bills blue from Jets green.

We all remember the big fella inking up with a pic of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. Well, Rex hit the parlor and gave it a Buffalo makeover. Quote “I’m all in.”

No you’re not. Because you can just change it to black or red or whatever you want in 3 years if you fall on your face. Johnny Depp changing “Winona Forever” to “Wino Forever” is laughing at you being “All In” Rex.

I’m just wondering what quarterback’s jersey you’re going to ink next. Because I notice you didn’t change that #6 to EJ Manuel’s 3. A new tattoo is cool. And so is, giving all your old Jets gear to the Salvation Army. I’m just wondering if you’ll be doing it all again three years from right now. Because it says right here you took the same exact gig you were just broken off from. Good running game. Nice D. No QB.

The Bills just won 9 games. How are you going to get them to the next level. And I’m going to need something more than a photo op with a Bills legend, a shirtless pic and a new tat. And so will the Bills Mafia. Because if you can’t walk the walk or back up the junk you run, they won’t care if you ink their logo on your face. You’ve tatted up, now coach ‘em up or shut up.

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