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Rex Hoggard

Info & Stats: Senior Writer GolfChannel.com

All Topics: Masters, Day 2 | Scores expected | Jordan Spieth’s play | Spieth doing a Tiger-esque performance | Spieth is solid all around and has a great IQ | Spieth has fire | Tiger’s happy go lucky attitude before Day 1 | Woods calling himself a dumb ass on the course | Tiger’s swing | Phil Mickelson | Mickelson’s putting |

Apr 10th 2015

Rex on Jordan Spieth getting his first major: “I think it’s just a matter of time.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Apr 10th 2015

June 30th 2014

All Topics: Tiger Woods missing the cut in first tournament back | Physically Tiger looked fit | Tiger mentally | Tiger being more realistic now | Tiger being an old 38 | Tiger’s preparation for the The Open | Tiger needing to tighten up his short game | Woods coming back 4 weeks sooner than he expected | Thinks Woods has 5 more years of competitive gold in him | Michelle Wie winning the U.S. Women’s Open

Rex on how much longer he thinks Tiger Woods will play competitive golf: “I think 5 years.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • June 30th 2014

June 13th 2014

All Topics: Live from the U.S. Open | Martin Kaymer’s fast start | Kaymer’s game | Pinehurst course | Players view of the course | Kaymer’s challengers | Phil Mickelson looking for his first U.S. Open title | Mickelson’s confidence is good | Mickelson struggling with his putting | The ‘Heavyweight’ pairing | The USGA’s fun |

Rex on Phil Mickelson at the U.S. Open: “He’s looked pretty confident.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • June 13th 2014

Apr 10th 2014

All Topics: Live from the Masters | Augusta being non phone friendly | Early going at the Masters | Top 10 players this year | Freddy Couples fast start | Weather is absolutely perfect now | Course is playing a little soft | Tiger Woods not being at the Masters | Tiger hasn’t missed the Masters since 1994 | Rory McIlroy | Picked Rory to win this week | Jordan Spieth | Phil Mickelson | Mickelson gets fired up at Augusta | Butch Harmon |

Rex’s pick to win the Masters:Rory McIlroy.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Apr 10th 2014

Aug 9th 2013

All Topics: Got the Twitter Handle Rex#7 | PGA Championship | Rain today | A different Adam Scott | Going wire to wire in a major | Phil Mickelson | Mickelson working on his game last night | Tiger Woods | Woods struggling on his back 9 yesterday | Woods saying he played good yesterday | Woods needing to get going | Woods possibly going majorless again for the year | Tiger pressing | Tiger’s putting | Tiger’s head | Tiger being dominate in non majors this season | Tiger adjusting his criteria? | Justin Rose | Rory McIlroy | McIlroy’s struggles |

Rex on Tiger Woods’ play at the PGA Championship: “He’s struggling a little bit early.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Aug 9th 2013

June 13th 2013

All Topics: Live from the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania | Sergio Garcia’s disastrous start | Garcia leaving Tiger Woods a letter apology | Weather right now | Short golf course | Woods, McIlroy and Scott pairing | Mud ball? | Merion being a different golf course | Phil Mickelson | Mickelson playing good golf while having jet lag | Really likes Phil this weekend |

Rex on Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia’s interaction at the U.S. Open: “No love lost between these guys.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • June 13th 2013

Apr 10th 2013

All Topics: The 2013 Masters | Golf Course conditions | Nothing compares to Augusta | Rory McIlroy | McIlroy playing well last week | Rory figuring out away to play himself out of lumps | McIlroy changing equipment this year | Rory’s equipment issue | Putting at the Masters | Tiger’s take on putting at Augusta | Tiger’s game changing the older he gets | Tiger having 3 wins this year | Thinks Tiger will play well at Augusta | Steve Stricker working with Tiger | Bubba Watson getting emotional yesterday | Bubba’s emotions | Doesn’t expect for Bubba to have a good weekend | Thinks a “name” golfer will win the Masters |

Rex on if anything compares to Augusta National: “No, not in Golf.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Apr 10th 2013

Sep 28, 2012:

Rex on Lefty at the Ryder Cup: “It’s amazing how Phil has really embraced the younger players over the last couple Cups.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Sep 28, 2012 Interview

Apr 06, 2012:

Rex on if he thinks Hank Haney was out of line for writing a book about Tiger Woods: “I think he was.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Apr 06, 2012 Interview

Aug 11, 2011:

Rex on Tiger Woods: “If he’s going to catch Jack, he can not go on the DL again.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Aug 11, 2011 Interview

Aug 03, 2011:

Rex on how Tiger Woods looks: “There was a pop in his step yesterday that we haven’t seen in a while.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Aug 03, 2011 Interview

Jun 17, 2011:

Rex on Rory McIlroy this weekend: “He can’t get ahead of himself with this lead.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Jun 17, 2011 Interview

Apr 07, 2011:

Rex’s thoughts about being on the Jim Rome Show: “Highlight of my year.”

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Apr 07, 2011 Interview

Jul 16, 2010:

Topics: British Open | Rex #7 from the Rex streak | Weather delay | Rory McIlroy | McIlroy’s struggles today, he should respond | Links golf | Luis Oosthuizen | Mark Calcavecchia | A lot of players are benefiting from weather | Experience counts on this course | John Daly | St. Andrews | Tiger Woods | Woods is getting close with his swing | Tiger has caught the bad end of the weather draw | Tiger running down Jack | Expected Tiger to win some major’s this year | Phil Mickelson barely making the cut | Can’t figure out why Mickelson struggles here | Phil over thinking? | Fans love John Daly | Forecast for the weekend |

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Jul 16, 2010 Interview

Apr 08, 2010:

Topics: Rex #7 from the Rex Streak | Awkward reaction from fans for Tiger | Masters Security very strict | Where will Woods finish | Tiger looked rusty during practice rounds | Wouldn’t be shocked if he’s in the Top 15 | Tiger Woods nervous | Leaderboard | Weather is coming in | Never seen this side of Tiger | Augusta safest place for Woods’ to have comeback | Tiger gets applause from fans at 1st tee shot | Plane flies bye with sign | Live Woods coverage

  • Rex Hoggard
  • Apr 08, 2010 Interview