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Return Of The Brock Lobster

NFL cutdown day is one of the most brutal days of the year as one player after another gets their walking papers. In total, more than 1,000 players were released or waived on Saturday. But teams weren’t just cutting and waiving players, they were also dealing them. And some teams really got over, like the Patriots who sent Jacoby Brissett to the Colts for Philip Dorsett. I know Dorsett hasn’t turned out the way Indy would’ve liked, but only the Pats could turn a third-string quarterback for a former first round receiver. And you know that Philip Dorsett will start impacting games like Tony Dorsett the moment he puts on a Pats gamer.

And then there was the Seahawks getting Pro Bowl defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson from the Jets. Richardson hasn’t been without his issues, but his arrival gives the Seahawks a total of 8 Pro Bowlers on defense, including three on the defensive line alone. Is that any good? Let me answer that, it’s good. It’s very good.

But it’s still not my favorite move of the offseason. That would the return of the Lobster. The Brock Lobster.

Brock Osweiler was dumped by the Browns and now he’s back with the Broncos. What a long, strange trip it’s been, eh, Brock? Can it really only be 18 months since he left? It feels like it was 18 years. It feels like the last time Brock was in a Broncos gamer he was throwing to Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, and Ricky Nattiel. But instead, he was throwing to Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders in January 2016. And he returned to Denver as only Brock can arrive, by dropping incredible quotes.

“It’s hard to really describe it in words, but being back here today, practicing as a Bronco and being here at Dove Valley. It’s probably a top-five, if not top-three, day of my life. Today’s been incredible.”

Fantastic. All-time great quote. I love a guy who had a look at being a starter in Denver, left for Houston for more money, flopped there, went to Cleveland, flopped there, and then returned to Denver, on the veteran’s minimum… declaring it’s a top-five, if not top-three, day in his life. As well it should be. It’s a top five, if not top-three, day in the history of Denver.

And yes, there might have been some harsh words after he left for Houston, but that’s just water under the bridge to the Brock Lobster:

“I want people to know that decision didn’t come lightly. I didn’t sleep for about a week. I was sick to my stomach every single day. I was a mess. At the end of the day, I tried making the best business decision for myself and my family. Whether I made the best one or not, that could be argued, but the fact of the matter is that it was made. I’m not going to live in the past, but I’ve always had nothing but love and appreciation for the Denver Broncos and the city of Denver.”

Of course there were no hard feelings. The guy signed a 72 million dollar deal in Houston. And then threw more picks than touchdowns, lost his job to Tom Savage, got it back from Tom Savage, played one of the worst games a quarterback has ever played in the playoffs, was traded to Cleveland, was cut by Cleveland without playing a regular season game, and now he’s back in Denver.

Win-freaking-win for Brock. And the Broncos got him back for less than 800 grand, while the Browns will pay him more than 15 mill not to pay for them. So Denver’s got to be feeling pretty good too.

And honestly, I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t fault anyone in this drama. If someone’s going to give you a deal for 72 mill, you’d be a fool not to sign it. And if you can find a way back to the place that you really liked, you should do it. Now he’s a backup to his old backup, but he doesn’t sound bent. Nor should he be. He’s the Brock Lobster. And he’s doing Brock Lobster things.

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