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Ray Ray The Analyst Talks Integrity

Remember back when Joe Flacco said that Ray Lewis’s pregame speeches didn’t make any sense at all? Neither does any of his analysis.

Running down Ray Ray’s greatest hits: The NFL caused the blackout in Super Bowl 47. Tom Brady is only famous because of the Tuck Rule. And now… his take on Super Bowl Sunday was that Brady has no integrity. Ray Lewis looked into ESPN cameras and said Tom Brady has no integrity?! Now that’s rich.

The guy would honestly be better off just throwing on the eye black, the skull cap, jumping on the broadcast desk and barking at the dogs in the house. Or maybe, you just stick to x’s and o’s. March out on that miniature field and break down the zone blitz. Or dance. Or do nothing. You just don’t want to talk about another guy’s integrity – when you have no credibility.

This is how it works, Raymond. If you once rolled on your friends to avoid a murder rap – you can’t take a run at a dude’s integrity because he may have deflated some footballs. And if you allegedly used deer antler spray to get back on the field, you can’t crack a guy for trying to get an edge himself. Well, you CAN. But you’d embarrass yourself. Especially when you backtracked so hard on your last terrible Tom Brady take.

I swear- 5 minutes ago Ray Ray was the Hall of Fame leader of men. He was immortal. Now he’s becoming a joke. A punchline.. Ray you know “Intensity.” You’ve gotta stop preaching about “integrity.” You’ve only been at this two years but have already stepped in it three times: Actually, Ray, that’s three for you.

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