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Ravens Break A New Record

And it’s time to really start the NFL Off-Season. Ready….. set….. RAVENS! These days, it doesn’t really feel like the offseason until a Raven is in trouble. And now we have a new record: Less than 24 hours.

The season ended Sunday night, D-Tackle Terrence Cody was indicted Monday Morning, and cut the very same day.

Great- after a nightmare season of domestic abuse, and child abuse, how does the Shield start 2015? With: Animal abuse. Cody is facing multiple counts of abuse or neglect to his dog… additional charges involving his alligator… and a spare weed charge to boot. Dude- you have a pet alligator?? Exactly how much of that weed were you torching before you brought that thing home?.

And why do I get the feeling some of that ganj got blown into your pets face? I’m just relived that no komodo dragons or anacondas were not harmed in the Cody house. Snake guy thinks you’re a freak for owning an alligator, Terrence. But even snake guy and reptile owner don’t neglect their pets. Generally they WORSHIP them. They have to. Because those iguanas and geckos are their only friends.

Ray Rice abused his fiancé. Cody abused his animals. Allegedly. The Baltimore Ravens…, same as they ever were. Memo to the Ravens, if it’s not too much to ask, please stop abusing your significant others and your pets.

2 Keys for the next 7 months: Stay out of elevators, stay away from alligators, and we’ll see you in September.

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