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Randle Arrested Again

No way I’m letting Joseph Randle skate. The Cowboys running back probably thinks he hit the hole perfectly. Sure, I got arrested for weed. But some Packer got arrested with a whole car full of it. And some Colt got arrested for beating up a pizza boy. Nobody will really notice that I was handcuffed for getting high in a hotel room. Bad news Randle. People notice anything a cowboy does. And people really notice when they see two of the worst words you could ever have in a headline. “Arrested again.”

And people will especially remember when your LAST arrest was for shoplifting fruit of the loom and English Leather. Noted underwear and musk bandit Joe Randle has now been arrested twice in 4 months.

And why don’t we take a walk back to October, down memory lane, and see what Randle was saying “I’ve never gotten in any kind of trouble in my whole life. This is just something I’ll have to learn from and move forward.” EHHHH.

The only person learning anything is Jerry Jones. He’s learning he HAS to resign DeMarco. Because the guy who backs him can’t stay out of handcuffs.

Here’s all you need to learn Joe: Calvin Kleins and Cool Water aren’t free. And it’s not legal to burn weed. Study up. Stop getting busted. Because right now your act stinks worse than Drakkar Noir.

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