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Rajon Rondo Trade

The Mavs have their man. We’ve seen Mavericks owner and Shark Tanker Mark Cuban shoot down deals for a bacon-scented alarm clock and a bird feeder that zaps away squirrels. But The Cubes just greenlit the one that brings a point guard who drops 10 dimes every night and wears a title ring on his finger. Dallas now has a “100% share” in Rajon Rondo after pulling him out of Boston.

They say a deal’s only good if both sides leave upset. That’s just wrong. Boston and Big D are chest-bumping right now. Look at the Mavs starting 5. It’s pretty incredible. Look at the Celtics starting 5. It’s pretty awful. That’s exactly what they both want.

For Dallas, Cubes knows the West is a knife fight, and Dirk Nowitzki’s title window is about to slam shut. But now, he runs out Rondo, Dirk, Chandler, Monta and Parsons every night. That’s a bad crew.

I’m not saying it’s a title team. Ask me, the Western conference “Mt Rushmore” still Grizz, Spurs, Warriors, Clippers. Rondo doesn’t get them on the mountain yet. But this trade at least puts them in the national park.

The Mavs did what Cubes is best at – they got richer. And the Celtics got dirt poor on the floor, and are totally liquid for the future. Dealing Rondo took them from that no-man’s Wasteland of the 9 seed this year… To having as many as SIX first round picks over the next two years.

Cash Money for the Celts. And landing a nasty point guard was Cuban’s best business move since passing on the beer-scented Man Candle.

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