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Raiders 31 Chiefs 30

Raiders 31. Chiefs 30. Let me repeat that. Raiders 31. Chiefs 30. I had to repeat it because I’m still not sure what I saw. Did any of that really happen? Did Marshawn Lynch really get ejected from that game? Did Amari Cooper really have 11 receptions for 210 yards?

Did Jared Cook make an absolutely unreal leaping catch for a touchdown with 18 seconds left, only to be ruled down at the one?


Did Michael Crabtree follow that up by catch a touchdown pass, only for it to be taken away after an offensive pass interference call? Did that really happen?

Apparently that’s a yes, too.

Did Cook then drop a pass on the final play from scrimmage, only for the Chiefs to commit a defensive holding to extend the game?

Somehow, that also happened.

And did Kansas City really commit as second defensive holding on the next play to extend the game again? There’s no way that happened, right?

Yes, that also happened.

And after all that, did Carr really hit Crabtree in the end zone to tie it at 30?

Yes. And then Giorgio Tavecchio came out to win the game with the extra point. And honestly, the only thing that really would’ve made sense there would’ve been for him to shank it and send the game into overtime. But he didn’t. He won it.

And the Raiders may very well have saved their season. That was a macho performance, snapping a 4-game losing streak, coming through on a short week, against a very good Kansas City team who has dominated them for a while.

And honestly, the ending might not have been the weirdest part of the game. Because back in the second quarter, Marshawn Lynch was booted from the game for coming off the bench, jumping into a fight, and shoving a ref. Yes, all of that somehow happened, too.

So why did Lynch run onto the field? Great question. Was he out there to defend his quarterback, Derek Carr from Marcus Peters? That would make sense. But then again, Donald Penn and Kelechi Osemele were already doing that.

Or was he out there to defend Peters, his cousin, from Penn and Osemele? That would also make sense. Afterwards, the Raiders themselves didn’t seem to know the answer. Carr said, “Marshawn came out and did his thing. Obviously, you never want a guy to get kicked out. That stinks, but just from knowing him, I know that he was out there just taking care of us.”

Yes, that’s the Marshawn we know and love. Penn said, “I ran over there and got [Peters] off of him because the refs weren’t doing their job of protecting my quarterback when he’s on the ground. I saw Marshawn come out there; that’s his cousin. Chris Long did that thing to his brother a couple years ago. Marshawn wasn’t doing anything. He was just trying to protect his cousin, get his cousin to the sideline. They’re real close, they’re more like brothers than cousins, they’re real close.”

Yes, that’s also the Marshawn we know and love. The truth is, we may never know what Marshawn was doing on the field. I just know that he shouldn’t have been on the field. No matter how much you care about your quarterback or your cousin, or your quarterback and your cousin, you can’t run on the field like that, and you definitely can’t put your hands on an official the way that he did. That’s going to get you an ejection and a fine.

But the only thing crazier than that incident is what happened next. There had been reports that Marshawn left the stadium, but that’s not true. He changed and went to sit in the stands and watch the game. Yeah, I said it. He was photographed in the stands, with the fans, watching the game. And the only thing better than Marshawn getting tossed and heading up to the stands, is Marshawn getting tossed, heading up to the stands, and then taking the train home. No, wait he did that too.

And according to TMZ, he not only took BART home, he did it with Marcus Peters. And there was a great chant of “Bleep the Chiefs” on the train.

I still can’t believe any of this happened. From the two game-winning touchdowns that weren’t to the two holding calls that were to the touchdown that was to the Marshawn ejection to Marshawn sitting in the stands to Marshawn on the train and chanting bleep the Chiefs. I want to believe it all happened. I want to believe it’s all real, but I just can’t. And for Marshawn’s sake, he’s lucky they did win; maybe, maybe, they forgive him for running onto the field to defend the opposition and not the q.b., if that’s what he did…maybe, since they know what he’s really about. But getting ejected for making contact with a ref, and losing because you didn’t have your power back with the ball on the goal line at the end of the game, would have been harder to forgive and forget. Luckily, he and they don’t have to worry about that.

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