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Pump The Brakes, Drew

Watching the Saints rip an easy win at Soldier Field, I’m reminded of the lament from NFL Poet Arian Foster. “People complain a lot, man” Right? Like all the blowhards whining and wondering What’s Wrong with the Saints? Just like I said: Not a damn thing.

I tried to tell everybody they’d be just fine once they left that dome. And they were. Nothing to see here, just keep moving. Oh, their record? That. Right. 6-8 looks just great. Because the team below them is 5-8-1. Where does it say you have to have more wins than losses to win your division? Nowhere.

In fact, most of us would rather that not be the case. The NFC South is the greatest. And everyone knows it except Saints QB, Drew Brees, who really needs to dial it down. Dude is tripping: “The tendency after success is to relax and it’s not time to relax. It’s time to, man, hit the pedal to the metal and continue to get better.”

Eaaassssy, Drew. Now is not the time to put the petal to the metal. Grind out another win this weekend and suddenly y’all are flirting with .500. And absolutely nobody needs that.

What I’m saying is, it’s time to…man…hit the recling button, and nap it out like you guys have all season. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Hit the pedal? Pump the brakes. You’re all good.

And you’ll be even better if you host a playoff game with 7 wins. I know we will. So treat yourselves to a bonus Bye Week and we’ll see you all in Week 17.

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