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Pump The Brakes, C-Town

Congrats, Cleveland. You finally got your homecoming party. You had to wait 11 days after your guys got embarrassed in that opener, but the Cavs first home win actually came at just the right time. Because this thing was starting to look like it might come off the rails in RECORD time.

Sure, it’s early. But never too early for the speculation that Kevin Love might opt out at the end of the year. That took all of five games. Relax?! He probably has his realtor checking out his best opportunities in the Palisades.

Sure, it makes business sense for him to opt out this summer; I just didn’t expect that speculation to begin before they won their first home game.

And while no one expected LeBron’s new Big Three to gel overnight, we also didn’t expect James and Kyrie Irving to knock heads the way they have either.

All that said, it is still early. Too early to round up that band of goobers and have them drop a Please Stay Kevin track. Because the Cavs finally got right, last night: That was a big 3 symphony.

That’s what LeBron was picturing when he broke up with D-Wade on that private plane. Old Man LBJ running with and leading the young whipper snappers who are actually following him instead of tuning him out. Kyrie going for 9 dimes. K-Love dropping 3-point bombs. And Bron himself with a mic-drop triple double.

But it doesn’t mean this Big Three 2.0 is out of the woods… I told C-Town to be patient when they weren’t right, and now I’m saying you have to pump the brakes after one good night. Kyrie hasn’t checked his ego yet and K-Love may still be looking to check out this summer.

It was all good for a night. I’ll give you that. Now you just have to repeat it another 50 times this year.

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