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Pull The Plug

I’m pro Kobe: I have nothing but respect for the Mamba: this is a Kobe house. But yes, ultimately, you have to consider shutting him down, because you know he’s not going to shut himself down.

He’s already going to be on a minute count and resting in the second game of back to backs, so really, it’s already happening. So if they’re playing out a string in March, why keep running him out there for meaningless games. Especially if he wills them to a few wins that don’t actually help and cost them the draft pick. The more you rest him now, the better chance you have of seeing him next year.

So, resting him more or actually shutting him down is a win for team tank this year and maybe even for team car flag next year. Especially, if it makes him fresher, gets the Lakers a high draft pick and maybe another free agent to run with Kobe next year.

Do the right thing. Pull the plug.

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