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Pressure’s On

Congratulations to the Cowboys for finally coming over to the big boy table. It’s taken them 5 years, but they finally got to 9 wins. And they got there for two reasons last night: They rode DeMarco Murray, and the Bears hate Matt Forte.

I know Forte runs cool and quiet… But no one would blame this dude if he started kicking over tables and raging on Twitter. Because somehow Geometry Teacher Mr. Trestman can calculate the hypotenuse of an isosceles triangle, but he can’t figure out that Matt Forte might be his best player.

Remember Monday when Rex Ryan just said Screw it, ran the ball all night and it almost worked? Put that in your Pythagoreon theorem one of these weeks before you get whacked, Trest.

You don’t have to tell Jason Garrett that. He works DeMarco like a Madden player who turned off injuries and fatigue. He’s great. The question is when is he going to break? I don’t want to hear that he’s “never felt fresher.”

He’s never felt more PRESSURE. He’s their season. Every back gets gassed. And we’ve seen guys better than Murray fall apart after too many carries. You really need your workhorse to touch it 41 times to beat the Bears?? Did you see those holes the line was opening? Jerry Jones could have run through them. You’ve got a perfectly good cologne stealing backup running back in Joe Randle. Splash him some English leather and get him the rock.

Bravo, you finally got to 9 wins. But if DeMarco is sitting on 400 carries come January, you’re going one and done.

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