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Pressure Is On Floyd

Conor loves the fact that they’re going with 8 ounce gloves instead of 10 ounce gloves; so much so that he said, “I believe first round ko in 8 ounce gloves… Maybe, I’ll give him second round.”

I don’t see it like that. They could have given him the four ounce cut out gloves he usually fights with, but if he’s not allowed to kick Mayweather in the head or take him to the mat, it’s not going to matter what gloves they use.

But, here’s the thing… If McGregor shocks the world, it would arguably be the biggest sports upset ever, and inarguably the greatest thing ever. But a guy who has never boxed professionally before is not going to beat the best boxer ever. He’s just not.

Even if that guy has more confidence and greater self-belief than possibly any athlete I’ve ever seen.

We have to just hope that Floyd doesn’t do what Floyd so often does: use his flawless defense, and take no chances while piling up points and fighting another boring, unwatchable fight. And honestly, I really don’t think Floyd can afford to do that again… Forget for a minute how losing would be the worst look ever for Floyd… Not finishing Conor would be almost as bad. Not finishing Manny Pacquiao is one thing, not finishing a guy who has never boxed professionally is another. Especially a guy who has talked the junk Conor has and mocked Floyd as badly as Conor has.

We know what Conor is going to do; and we know what he’s not going to do. Try to outbox a boxer. Conor will go in and try to get down and dirty and nasty with it, try to brawl and set him up for one of his monster shots; the type of shot that puts MMA’ers to sleep.

And hopefully, Floyd knows that a 12 round, boring decision, is actually a win for McGregor. If Floyd cares at all about how he looks and it’s about his pride and not just stacks of cash, he’ll be looking to take Conor out. Because letting him hang around for 12 rounds, while being content to just pile up points would be a really bad look for Mayweather.

You know Conor is looking to knock Floyd out; Floyd better be thinking the same. Because if the alleged greatest boxer ever can’t stop an mma’er that will stick to him forever, regardless of how much jack he makes for it. I know Conor will be looking to stop Floyd. I just hope Floyd is looking to stop Conor as well.

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