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President Of The Windbreaker Nation

Speaking of UK Thursday night, West Virginia will be waiting for them. I know they’ll be confident, and I’m positive their head coach will be comfortable. Bob Huggins is the president of the windbreaker nation.

You don’t often see him suited up on the sideline, and in the philosophy of “look good, feel good, feel good, coach good” – the huggy bear goes all-in on the feel good.

Before the Mountaineers did Maryland over the weekend, Huggs was asked why he doesn’t wear a suit. “Because I’m not a banker. I’m at the point in my life now, I’m on the downhill. I’ve been doing this a long, long time and I’m going to be comfortable.”

Damn right, Robert. Preach. Why don’t I wear a suit? Because I’m Bob Bleeping Huggins, who are you? Let’s be real- why do most people wear a suit? Because they have to. When you have almost 700 wins, you can wear anything you want. And I love that bit about – I’ve been doing this a long time, I’m gonna be comfortable.

He’s like the 30 year teacher who’s got tenure and wants to rock a Hawaiian shirt. Or the lifetime VP who goes blazer and jeans.

Why does Huggs rock that windbreaker- because he’s earned that windbreaker. Same reason Andy Reid shows up in the draft day war room repping Thomas Bahama. Because he’s comfortable, and because he can.

Huggs is 61 years old, he’s wearing that ‘breaker because he was winning tournament games when some of these other coaches were wearing diapers. And great news coach – you beat Kentucky on Thursday you can coach the rest of the bracket in your bathrobe.

He’s not a banker. But do UK and the huggy bear’s the ultimate baller.

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