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Philip’s New York Legacy

To quote a show that slipped under the radar and returned last night, “What is dead may never die.” And what is dead are stories about Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks and what will never die are stories about Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks.

It seems like weeks ago that Phil Jackson was fired and the Knicks were ready to turn the page. They brought in Scott Perry to be the new general manager and to clean up the mess. Except some messes just won’t die. And the Melo situation is one of them.

The thought was that the Knicks would trade Melo to give everyone a fresh start, except they don’t like what they’re being offered in return. Why? Because Philip. That’s why. And that’s going to be the answer to every question in New York for a long time to come.

Why haven’t the Knicks made the playoffs in years? Because Philip. Why is a busted up Jo Noah on this roster? Because Philip. Why were there delays on the subway today? Because Philip.

You remember Phil Jackson, right? 11 rings as a coach. One disaster after another as an executive. The guy who hopped on twitter last weekend to post a pic of his feet up on porch, just enjoying the view. The only thing not included in that picture is the wreckage of the Knicks franchise.

Because he took a guy who never wanted to leave New York and tried to drive him out. And then when Melo warmed to the idea of leaving, the Knicks found that there wasn’t much of a trade market for him because the team president had trashed him.

Really? You mean other teams weren’t lining up to trade for someone who’d been criticized by his own organization? You mean that general managers around the league saw what the Knicks were doing and realized that New York had no leverage in a trade scenario? Shocker.

Firing Phil Jackson was the easy part. Getting rid of him is harder. It’s not just as simple as cutting him a check and taking away his building pass to make all the Phil Jackson problems go away. Even after you get rid of Phil Jackson, you still can’t get rid of the damage of Phil Jackson. That’s a stink that’ll take years to scrub off.

And now the Knicks have to figure out what to do. After spending months trying to convince Melo to leave, can they now convince him to stay? Or do they just take what’s out there and move on, knowing that they aren’t getting anything close to a good deal?

And meanwhile, that big lug will be sitting in Montana, cashing checks, and breaking things in New York for years to come.

Bad executives ruin things when they’re in the building. The truly terrible executives ruin things from thousands of miles away. And while being one of the best coaches ever, there’s no doubt he was one of the worst executives ever, because literally everything this guy touched in New York turned to crap.

Never mind, killing them still from his lake house in Montana, this guy will still be wrecking the Knicks long after they put him in the ground.

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