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Philip Is Skating

Happy New Year, New York Knicks!! Pop the Dom and drop the apple…because the Bockers have finally won their first game of 2015. And even snapped a 16 game losing streak in the process.

Sure- it was against the Pelicans. Sure- they didn’t have Anthony Davis. Sure- the Pels were on the second night of a back to back. Whatever. THE KNICKS HAD GONE 38 Nights without a win!!! They’re the worst team in the league. The worst franchise in New York. And the 12Mill a year they’re paying Philip Douglas Jackson might be the worst money ever spent. Because, at this point, they’ll be lucky to hit 12 wins this year, which means Philip could end up pulling down a mill per W.

Great work if you can get it. But hey, give Philip this: At least this team has mastered his vaunted Triangle. Check the ball movement!

Squint your eyes and that might as well be Kobe or 45 balling for Philip.

Look, if the plan for this season was to tank, I get it. It’s not dignified. But at least it’s strategic. My question is why do you need Philip to run it? You could pull somebody out of Times Square for 50 bucks and a bobblehead- and they’d get you to 6-and 36. The Naked Cowboy could run this team as well as Phil has. Even worse- Zeek Thomas could.

Fact is, Philip is skating. He’s not getting nearly enough heat for presiding over one of the worst basketball teams ever. And I don’t want to hear, “Look at the roster.”

There isn’t a reason in the world a Phil Jackson basketball team should struggle to win 10 games. Dude’s showing up to work with a ski mask, and a glock and no one’s saying a damn thing about it.

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