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Peyt’s Future

Peyton Manning’s off-season is only 4 days old and it’s already an all-timer. The question of whether there’ll be an 18th season for ol Peyt and it’s already the greatest “will he or won’t he” in the Shield since the Ol Gun-Slinger, Brett Favre.

I’d say we’re 8 months from John Elway hopping a jet down to Peyt’s armadillo ranch to bring him back… but #7’s already showing his hand and saying he’s our man. So much for that question about whether the Broncos wants the rag-armed pizza man behind center next season “The bottom line is we want him back, and it’s going to come down to what Peyton wants to do.”

My bottom line is if Peyt wants to play next season – he doesn’t leave Denver. He’s not going to jump to a third team in his late 30s pull a Super Bowl out of his backside. And frankly- it’s a bad look for an all-timer. Peyton pushing 40 and putting on a different jersey… would be a worse look than tucking his jersey into his jeans with the Papa.

And most importantly – Peyt, The Broncos give you your best shot. Demaryius Thomas isn’t leaving town. Why would you? That team is loaded. You couldn’t finish your job, but John Elway did his. Just ask him.

Uhhh… excuse me, I mean – John Harbaugh. No John Madden… no wait, McEnroe… I mean Malkovich… errr Mellencamp! No, you had it right the first time John.

John Elway should thank John Elway. And Peyton Manning should stick with him. His best shot at winning a second Super Bowl at 39 is rolling with the guy who won his last at 38.

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