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Pete Carroll Tormenters

I know nobody LOVES players like Peter. But dude must hate Malcolm Butler. Because that undrafted rookie just took a seat next to Vince Young at the table of Pete Carroll tormenters. With one break on the ball, Butler ripped the pick, ripped a ring, and ripped the glory from poor Chris Matthews.

You gotta feel for that dude. The feature pieces were already half written, his manager at Foot Locker had been hit with texts from a dozen journos, and Matthews was headed for Letterman. From never making a catch in the NFL to winning the Super Bowl MVP, the only question for Chris Matthews was how much cash would he get for the book deal? And then Malcolm Butler ripped the spotlight and ruined his night.

You want to talk changing destinies? Just minutes before that pick… Butler’s destiny was to be the guy who gave up the Jermaine Kearse circus catch. Every single year when it gets replayed, Butler was going to be the Rodney Harrison in this shot.

2 snaps later and he’s immortal for all the right reasons. All the hype about the Seahawks dbs. About Sherm. About Revis. And it’s “Butler Island” owning the night. Most dudes after that Kearse catch would have been devastated. Butler was motivated. Pete gets away with the worst call ever if Butler doesn’t make him pay for it. Biggest pick in Super Bowl history. Malc Butler stole Chris Matthews’ night, and just wrecked Peter Carroll for life.

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