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Pay Cut Peyton

Everybody give Peyton Manning a golf clap. (give a golf clap). The old man is giving some money back. Sort of. John Elway and his lieutenants in Denver convinced ol 18 to take the first pay cut of his career and fork over 4 million Benjamins Franklins. Good. Because the dude practically LOOKS like Benjamin Franklin at this point. And he barely looked like an NFL starter in that last playoff loss.

I know this – he doesn’t look like a 19 million dollar quarterback. Or even 15 mill for that matter. But that’s what Peyt’s making in base salary next season, and he can earn the 4 mill back through incentives. Dude shouldn’t be negotiating with Elway, he should be thanking him. But according to the Denver Post, the team initially sought a bigger pay cut from Manning – but they couldn’t make it happen. In other words- Peyt said, I’ll be a leader and toss you back some cheddar, but not difference making money. Just some petty cash. Probably went down to the parking lot and pulled that 4 mill out of his Buick. But when asked about it, Peyt just said “I don’t talk about my contract.”

I don’t blame you. Manning getting paid that much to chuck ducks and lose to Brady & Luck is embarrassing. Especially when you’re selling all that chicken parm and “cheeseburger pizza” with the Papa. I’ll say it again- if I’m that rich, that old and that leaking that much oil: and I’ll never be able to spend what I’ve already made, never mind 4 mill: I’m giving it all back: just get me some more players so I can get another ring. Credit, I suppose for giving something back. But considering it’s not as much as the team wanted, it says here, the dude with the pink head is still all about the green.

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