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Patrick Peterson

Info & Stats: Arizona Cardinals Cornerback / Return Man

All Topics: Radio Row | Rain last night | Pro Bowl | Picking players’ brains at the Pro Bowl | J.J. Watt’s workout regimen | Andrew Luck | Sharing secrets | Super Bowl XLIX | Seattle wideouts | Russell Wilson’s broken play ability | Marshawn Lynch | Has New England winning | He and Richard Sherman’s relationship | Sherman’s ability | Sherman playing on one side of the field | Setting the Guinness World Record for most selfies in a hour | Selfie technique | Bruce Arians

Jan 30th 2015

Patrick on Marshawn Lynch: “Freight train going downhill.”

  • Patrick Peterson
  • Jan 30th 2015

Nov 18th 2014

All Topics: 9-1 on the season | Team depth | Reaction to Carson Palmer’s injury | Drew Stanton | Bruce Arians’ time with Stanton | Not allowing the Lions a touchdown | Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson | Eliminating the big plays | Battles vs. Johnson | Playing Johnson physical | Golden Tate | Just a much more physical football team than we’ve been over the past few years | Deion Sanders | Aeneas Williams

Patrick on the 2014 Cardinals: “A much more physical football team than we’ve been over the past few years.”

  • Patrick Peterson
  • Nov 18th 2014

July 31st 2014

All Topics: Signing his new record setting contract | Now he can focus on football | Knew the contract was going to get done before the season | Guys he watched growing up | Always wanted to be recognized as the highest paid cornerback in the game | Richard Sherman’s tweets | Teams scheme against him | His twitter battle with Sherman is fun | Him traveling all over the field | Sherman is a great corner | Tyrann Mathieu | His birthday gift to Tyrann | Watches

Patrick on signing his new record setting deal: “It has sunk in.”

  • Patrick Peterson
  • July 31st 2014

Sep 17th 2013

All Topics: His Sunday vs. Detroit | Playing wideout, throwing a pass and covering Calvin Johnson in one day | His approach to covering Johnson | Getting Calvin’s jersey after the game | Playing some offense this season | Specific formations he’s involved in | Being extremely comfortable playing offense | Loves having the ball in his hands | Tyrann Mathieu making a play to end the game | Happy to have Tyrann | Mathieu’s background | Him knowing Mathieu | Tyrann’s is an awesome guy | Bruce Arians | Arians being a player’s coach | Robert Gill incident |

Patrick on Bruce Arians: “He’s a player’s coach.”

  • Patrick Peterson
  • Sep 17th 2013

Nov 07, 2011:

Patrick on the NFL: “It’s a grown man’s game.”

  • Patrick Peterson
  • Nov 07, 2011 Interview

May 03, 2011:

Patrick on what it was like being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2011 NFL Draft: “It was a blessing.”

  • Patrick Peterson
  • May 03, 2011 Interview

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