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Papa Bear Brady Spits Fire

I think the one question we were all asking the second The Wells Report dropped- What does Tom Brady’s dad think of all this? I know I was. Right after I wanted to hear from Roger Goodell’s wife, Ted Wells’ barber and the guys in The Deflator’s fantasy league.

Thankfully the USA Today ran down his old man to get his take. Apparently Tommy takes after his Mom. Because while he was flashing his Chiclets and playing dumb at his presser back when this broke…. Pops was spitting hot venom into the phone and spraying the world with straight fire. “The league had to cover themselves… They had to protect their asses and that’s what they’re doing… This was Framegate right from the beginning.”

How’s that nuke upside your head feel, Rog? I bet your face is as red as your lettuce. Deflategate? More like Framegate! Suck it! With “deflation” and “gate” and “balls” – we’ve heard a lot of really bad little cracks and puns this year. But Papa Bear Brady just reinvented the word-play game. They’re out to get my son because they’re jealous. Deflategate? More like Hategate! You see those two equipment nerds who were texting about Tommy? I can guarantee this- they’ll never be dealing with Dategate! Hey Losers – the Super Bowl was 3 months ago. Ask me, this is too little too LATEGATE! Trust me, my Tommy will get the last laugh and you haters will be sucking on Checkmategate!

I don’t quite follow why the NFL would want to “frame” its golden boy and one of its greatest players ever. But I don’t care. In fact, I can barely concentrate on Tom Brady Jr when I’m so blown away by the piping hot rhetoric of Tom Brady Sr.

His son may never say squat, but that old man’s pie hole is a blow torch. Framegate? More like FLAMEGATE.

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