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Own That, Nick-Tator

Alabama head coach Nick Saban insists he’s quote “not sorry” for giving Jonathan Taylor a chance at Alabama after Georgia broke him off. No shock there. The next time Saban apologizes for something he said or did, will be the first.

He’s not sorry, but he should be. Because he never should have brought this guy in, in the first place. Not after he was arrested last summer after an altercation with his girlfriend in his UGA dorm room. An assault that reportedly involved attempted strangulation.

You want a dude who goes 6-4, 340, who tried to strangle his girlfriend on your team? I sure as hell don’t. But Saban did. And why? According to the Nick-tator, its because Taylor was the “kind of guy that deserved a second chance.”

Right. The 6-4, 340 pound, clog the middle…guy. I think you’re confusing the kind of guy who deserves a second chance with the kind of guy you really could have used when Ohio State was kicking your tail.

If Georgia kicks you off the team for being a bad dude, you’re probably one of the worst guys ever. And what’s it say about Alabama that they’re now taking Georgia’s rejects? Bobby Petrino can’t believe the low character dudes Saban is letting into his program.

You took a chance on a bad seed, he got arrested, and again, absolutely no one is surprised. Own that Nick, and stop acting like you did some good deed for a young man in need. You did it for yourself and it blew up in your face.

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