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Own That Ass-Kicking, Manny

Manny Pacquiao is a sore loser and a coward. Not my take. That’s what Floyd Mayweather told Jim Gray in an interview that airs on Showtime tomorrow night.

The same guy who was hugging Pacquiao and calling him a tough mother-bleeper after they fought, and saying he would wait for him to heal to give him a rematch next year, has changed his take now that Manny says he was injured. “Excuses excuses excuses. I’m not going to buy into that bleep and I don’t want the public to buy into that bleep. He lost.”

He did. Badly. And he still would have lost if he was healthy. And if he thinks he can get right for a rematch, Floyd has flip flopped on that too. No rematch. “At this particular time, no. Because he’s a sore loser and a coward.”

You know what I hear from that? “At this particular time.”

I have a feeling that as soon as the time is “A quarter past cash” Floyd might just change his take again. And you know Pacman will be down. Because who knows how much he’ll need the cash a year from now.

SI’s new Manny piece lays out his gambling habits. And Pac makes Mike Jordan look like a chain smoking loser playing penny slots at Whiskey Petes.

His brother says Manny would routinely drop 100 gerr on poker tables, and Freddie Roach says he once bet 360-thou in the Philippines on a cockfight! You were really that sure that one chicken was going to kill the other chicken? That kind of bet on the Super Bowl, maybe. But two roosters ripping each other to shreds??? You’d have to pay me 360 grand to even attend a cock fight for 10 seconds.

Maybe that’s behind Manny now. But he’s looking at months of inactivity after surgery. If he’s that kind of gambler, he’ll be looking for that rematch hard. Floyd had to work for years to get a 60-40 split. Wait a few months, let Manny make a few bets, and he can probably squeeze him for 80/20

And for the record, Mayweather is right about that; he’s right. No one wants to hear excuses. If you’re healthy enough to step between the ropes, then fight your fight, take your ass kicking like a man, and keep moving.

If you were too hurt to fight, then you shouldn’t have stepped between the ropes and taken everyone’s money. If you’re hurt, don’t fight; if you’re healthy enough to fight, shut your mouth. No one wants to hear it.

Especially, after they feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth in the first place. Worst look ever: no sooner than the guy gets dominated, he and his camp can’t wait to tell you, he was hurt and they wouldn’t let him get his injection. Classy.

Way to own that ass-kicking, Manny. Stop betting on roosters and stop making excuses for getting beaten down; it’s a terrible look.

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