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Own It, D-Bevs

It’s been two days, and the 12th Man is still shocked by the Super Bowl’s worst play-call ever. Peter Carroll tried his best to jump on that grenade, but the guy who really needs to explain that decision to pass is offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell.

But apparently D-Bevs thinks there’s nothing to explain… Bevell says he’s responsible for the pass, and insisted they got the look they wanted. You mean the look where Marshawn Lynch was in your backfield and the ball was 3 feet from pay dirt? That look? You did get it. And then you blew it.

Look, I could maybe, maybe, understand a corner fade to Chris Matthews. And I could see rolling out Russell Wilson and giving him a run/pass option. But nobody understands having the shortest quarterback in the league throw right over the middle… where anything can happen… to a receiver with 18 career receptions! What’s next Bevs, you gonna blame Rick Lockette? You know it! He says Lockette could have been stronger to the ball. Doubt it. Lockette was running diagonally to a spot. Malcolm Butler was flying downhill, with a head of steam and almost decleated the dude.

Stronger to the ball? How about a stronger call? Stop talking. Start owning. Because the only thing worse than making that call is trying to knife one of your own players for it. Sounds like Bev-ell has been hanging at Bev-Mo.

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