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Oredelphia Deagles

Chip Kelly is turning the Philadelphia Eagles into the Oredelphia Deagles. And he’s turned LeSean McCoy into a Buffalo Bill. And why did Chipper jettison Shady? Two reasons. He costs. And he doesn’t quack. But former Oregon Duck Kiko Alonso does, and he’s taking his talents to Oregon East, becoming the 9th duck to join the team. The Question is… how has Coach not brought in Ducks LeGarrette Blount or Jonathan Stewart to replace Shady? Maybe Kyle Long could block for them and Heloti Ngata can hold down the d-line for the Deagles.

I’m actually shocked Chipper hasn’t tried to make a play for Peyton because he THROWS ducks…then he can bring in those dudes from the Dynasty to shoot them. And now the most pressing question of all is, will Chip empty the clip and move up for the Ultimate Duck, Marcus Mariota. It’s sure starting to feel like it. And if I’m an Eagles fan, I’m starting to get nervous. Because I know this- in the last two years Kelly has ran off his two most electric weapons, and is sitting on zero playoff wins.

Remind me- How did breaking off DeSean Jackson go? No, McCoy didn’t have his best year. But he was still Chip’s best player. I get that the mad scientist is working his beakers…and it’s your team, Chipper. Just know, this season it better be a playoff winning team. Tearing apart the defense and trading your best player looks innovative- but go 7-9 and it looks insane. And it feels like the Deagles are more geared to win a Rose Bowl than a Superbowl. Because clearly, in Chip Kelly’s system, everyone’s replaceable. Except the coach.

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