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Ol #69 Is The Difference

Evvvvvverybody loves the Ravens. Anybody bragging about picking Baltimore to upset New England, is like the bracket guy who thinks he’s reinvented the wheel by picking a 12-5 upset. We get it.

Baltimore looks the part. They play in the cold. They run the ball. They rush the passer. Coach has been there. Quarterback’s been there. But you know who hasn’t been there? Robert Paxton Gronkowksi, Not when the Ravens have run over the Pats. That’s a 6’6 260 pound fly in the ointment of that narrative about how the Ravens have smacked the Pats. They haven’t faced the Gronk. Not in years.

Ol #69 missed last year’s game with injury. He missed the 2013 title game in Foxboro with another injury. I’m not dropping an asterisk on Baltimore beating Belichick. I’m just saying they’ve never done it in the playoffs against his best weapon.

Roberto’s not just a “nice piece” or some complimentary part in the offense. He is the offense. Tom Brady’s entire attack funnels through that big beer funneler. The last time Baltimore won in that house, Tommy’s best weapon was a serial killer, and he was probably smoking dust before kickoff. The Ravens don’t have the kind of secondary who can jump Gronk. You know why, because no one does. I don’t see anything on that D that tells me he’s not going to have a big day.

“Upset Guy,” – I get it. There’s a lot to like about the Ravens. They have IT. They have the Mo. Just don’t tell me they “own” Foxboro until they’ve locked down El Gronko.

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