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OKC Is Snake Bitten

Thunder head coach Scotty Brooks is having a week.

Within 24 hours of finding out that his college team UC-Irvine is going to their first March Madness, he learned that his current team is losing its power forward to knee surgery.

Serge Ibaka will undergo a procedure to address soreness in his knee, and at this point we all agree- OKC is snake bitten. Coach can try to suck the venom out of the bite all he wants- but his big guns just keep dropping.

Kevin Durant has missed 39 games. Russ Westbrook has missed 15. And the timetable for Ibaka’s return is uncertain.

And don’t look now, but here come the Pelicans. They’re just a half game out of that final playoff spot, they’ve won 7 of 10, and Super Freak Anthony Davis is wrecking fools every single night. And no KD and no Serge for OKC. You know what that means. RELEASE THE RUSS.

Slam some fresh d-cells into his back, pour 5-hour energy over his pregame cocoa puffs and wind that Cat up.

Of course, the Thunder are in HUGE trouble… But I want to see Beastbrook try to dig them out of it with a quintuple double. Problem is – Davis will probably drop one too. Bad news / Good news, Scotty B: You’re barely alive in the West, but the Eaters own the Big West.

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