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Not Good Enough For Nebraska

Nebraska Football has a rabid fan base, a proud tradition, and a big fat job opening. Mark “Bo” Pelini got a win over Iowa on Friday, lost his job on Sunday, and then his players lost their bleep on Twitter.

Several Husker players thumbed out rage over the Pelini whacking, with lineman Matthew Finnin swinging the biggest sledge of all “Stupidest (bleep) decision I’ve ever seen, heard or been part of.”

His players love Pelini. He shoots straight, has their back, and runs out on the field with a cat. Problem is- he got fired because those same players didn’t ball up in big games.

Screaming on Twitter was some of the strongest defense they’ve played all year. And giving up over 400 yards rushing to Melvin Gordon was the stupidest performances I’ve ever seen or heard of.

And so was going 3-10 against ranked opponents since joining the Big 10. Team Bo wants to say he won 9 games every single year. Sure, but none that really mattered.

Personally, I like Bo. But being good every year is not good enough at Nebraska. So that firing was justifiable.

Problem is, if you’re going to break a guy off, you better have a better replacement in mind, and I’m not sure Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst does. Especially since the next football coach he hires, will be his first.

And while that’s still a good job, it’s not the job it once was, because that’s no longer the program it once was. I respect Eichorst saying 9 wins isn’t good enough. He just better make sure the guy he hires doesn’t have them sitting on 6.

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