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No One’s Twisting Anything, Jay

Never has a 3-11 team gotten so much run. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the Redskins, yet I talk about them every single day. And I really have no idea why. And today’s no different.

Now Redskins coach Jay Gruden is saying everyone putting words into his piehole when it comes to RGIII: “no matter what I say about Robert, it’s going to get twisted one way or the other. If I say he is doing great, it’s going to be I am too easy on him. If I say he needs to work harder, it means I said he’s lazy. If I said he needs to work on his fundamentals, it means I don’t like him.” Right.

And what’s your point, Jay? You don’t like him. And he doesn’t like you. Everyone already knows that. You’re not trying to deny that, are you? And of course saying he needs to work harder means you think he’s lazy. You do.

And you can stop with that nonsense about people saying you’re too easy on him when you say he’s doing great. The next time you say something positive about this guy will be the first.

No one’s twisting anything, Jay: we’re just reacting to what we all heard you say. But if you really do think everyone is out to get you, just keep his name out your mouth. Same time, same takes, tomorrow, coach.

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