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Hoverboards. An R.E.M. reunion. NFL in LA. All things we’ve been told for years are going to happen someday. All things we’ve learned not to hold our breath for.

The NFL is coming back to Los Angeles? Uh huh. Yeah, I’ll expect that right around the time I’m riding that fancy bullet train from LA to Vegas.

But this morning we got 6 billion reasons why it’s could happen. That’s the net worth of Rams Owner Stan Kroenke, who has announced plans to build an 80,000 seat stadium on the old Hollywood Park site in Inglewood. Not an idea. Or a suggestion. Or speculation, but… An actual plan from an actual mogul with actual money and an actual timeline: Completion around 2018.

Which means every transplanted sports fan in LA, and all 12 of us who are actually from LA… Have some time to start falling back in love with the Rams.

I said it myself, this front-running town doesn’t want a last-place team. The image-conscious capital of the world isn’t geeking on whatever Sam Bradford’s backup is starting for The Rams. At least that’s what I thought before I saw them beat up on Peyton Manning. And beat the Raiders 52-0. And roll the Redskins on the coin toss. I didn’t just see signs of life from the Rams, I saw signs of LA swagger. No, I’m not saying I’ll get season tickets. I’m saying they got my attention.

They could be here as soon as 2016, And 2018 is right around the time all the players they get with the Bob Griffin draft picks will be entering their prime. And Better the Rams than the Jags. Or the Raiders. And if it’s not the Chargers, I’ll take the Rams.

See you soon, Shield. It’s like you never even left.

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