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NFC South Trash Talk?

The NFC South has been trash this year, so it pretty fitting that it provides us with the best trash talk this week. Going into their showdown with the Falcons, Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis said, “We’re definitely gonna give them their funeral.”

A player from the 6-8 Saints is trash talking the 5-9 Falcons?! That’s rich. That’s like David Spade ripping on Rob Schneider’s career. Like Creed ripping on Hinder. Like a Kardashian ripping Honey Boo Boo.

Why don’t you spend less time talking and more time practicing football. You’re in the NFL and are still just barely bowl eligible. The Saints are threatening to murder the Falcons, but considering it’s the NFC South we’re dealing with, they’ll probably just end up killing themselves.

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