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Newton Car Accident

Cam Newton spent the night in the hospital, the question is – is he done for the season? Not a chance. Go ahead and waste your time slamming “transverse process” into WebMD if you want to. Cam fractured two of them. Matters. I know, I know, I have a tremendous threshold for Cam Newton’s pain. But hey, don’t take it from Dr. Rome. Take it from Mr. Romo.

Tony Romo had a very similar injury… All Jerry Jones did was kick his wife out of first class… Put his quarterback on a 9 hour flight to London and shove him back on the field against the Baguars. And he was good. And he’s old. If a 34 year old, post back surgery Romo can return to form after a week off… 25 year old Cam Newton can do it with a historic playoff berth on the line.

Believe me, the only thing I’d like to see more than a team hosting a playoff game at 7-8-1… Is a team doing it with Derek Anderson at Quarterback. But they won’t need him to. They just need him to beat Tampa Bay this week, do that? Give Cam the week off to rest. And if the Panthers win… Give him his gig back and ride him to the playoffs.

Again, I don’t care that they went two months without winning a game; they’re a couple W’s away from hosting a playoff game. And let’s be real: Cam looked cooler lying on the ground, after that car accident than most movie stars do on the red carpet. The rest of us are calling the police, Cam looked like he was calling his lady. And the only look cooler than that would be him getting off the pavement and getting the team to January.

If he’s right, you ride him.

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