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NBA Vets Calling BS

Maybe Brian Shaw wasn’t the perfect head coach for the Nuggets, but the post-mortem in Denver says those dudes didn’t need a coach: they needed a nanny. You can tell a lot about a man by how his peers react when he gets whacked. And in the case of Shaw, loud voices in the NBA are calling BS on the firing. The Pacers’ David West is a well respected vet, he worked with Shaw in Indy, and had this reaction to the firing. “That’s bullBleep. No grownups on that roster. You can’t win without grownups.”

Paul George jumped in and asked how could anyone not play for Shaw. Because they don’t want to play at all, Paul. Because they were openly quitting in games, and literally counting down to the end of the season, breaking huddles with “6 weeks” and collecting checks. Even Kevin Garnett ran out of the dressing room to take a steel chair to the 6-Weekers. “To be honest, they quit on Brian Shaw. They’ll quit again. Quitters are quitters.” Think The Big Ticket doesn’t really talk like that anymore? He’s so offended by the Nuggets he turned back the clock a half decade to smash them. And he doesn’t even have a dog in this fight.

Maybe Shaw could have done a better job, but the fact is leaders and hall of famers who aren’t even on the team are swerving out of their lane to call a group of athletes – children and quitters. Kentucky has more maturity than the Nuggets. Don’t take it from me. Ask around the league, Brian Shaw could have been Greg Pop and not turned this group of quitters into a competitive team. But great news for the Nuggs- we’re now down to just 5 weeks

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