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Nash Goes Bynum-Dumb

The Lakers haven’t won a game, and their fans are furious at a guy who hasn’t even PLAYED a game.

Steve Nash jacked his back up and will miss the entire season. But right now, his biggest problem is his thumbs. The ones he’s using to drop action pics onto Instagram.

Miss seeing Steve Nash balling? No problem. You can see him hiking. And more importantly, you can see him golfing. This is the guy currently collecting over 9 million dollars of the Lakers money.

Nice swing. Terrible social networking.

That video is stamped 5 days ago. The night before, LA lost by 23 points. Jeremy Lin went 0-6 from the field with 5 turnovers.

So the comments under that vid are sadly what you’d expect. F-bombs. Insults. And death threats. Byron Scott tried to cover for Nash., saying, “It probably doesn’t look good [publicly], but Jesus Christ, relax.”

They won’t, B. Your team is 0-5. Your fans are out for blood. And Joe six-pack hates nothing more than a millionaire athlete who he thinks isn’t earning it.

This just reminds them of Andrew Bynum blowing out his knee and then partying at the Mansion with a bunny on his shoulders.

Obviously, the fact that he can swing a golf club doesn’t mean Nash can play 30 minutes of point guard. This doesn’t make him a fraud. But this isn’t real smart. In fact, it’s really dumb. Bynum-dumb.

Go ahead and golf if you feel all right… Just don’t share it. I mean what’s your next pic.. Hey Laker fans.. Just enjoying some bumper cars and bull riding before my rec league hoops tonight! I’m gonna get 30! Normally I would say that die-hards see something like this and tend to overreact, but this time I can’t tell them to relax.

Steve- while your employer is winless, the only thing I’d be instragramming is your rehab.

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