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Must Watch TV

Best theatre in the NFL right now is Jim Harbaugh’s final few weeks as Niners coach. There’s no doubt he’s dead coach walking.

The only question is, how many bodies is he taking with him? Can’t take the guys who laid down for him in that beatdown the Raiders just delivered. Those guys are already dead… And wasn’t Harbaugh the guy who used to scream, “Who’s got it better than us.” A better question would be how did this all turn to garbage so quickly?. Why did guys who would go to war for Harbaugh, just quit on him?. And how did Colin Kaepernick go from a guy who was headed straight to the Hall of Fame, to a guy who has no idea what he’s doing out there and has lost all his swag and mojo? And why can’t the alleged q.b. guru fix him?. I have no idea.

I just know Harbaugh and the Niners are must watch TV even if they’re dead in the water and their season is already over.

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