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Mt. Gronkmore

50 Years from now when Robert Gronkowski is old, fat, and watching his grandsons from the stands… there will be a few moments from Grandpa Gronk that old-timers still remember. Call it Mt. Gronkmore.

Gronk posing with a porn start wearing his Pats jersey. Gronk dancing shirtless to LMFAO just hours after LOSING the Super Bowl. Gronk dropping the Spanish phrase for “I Am Party.” And Gronk spreading some 7th grade humor onto his practice jersey.

Yesterday at Pats practice, Gronk made history. The team practiced without numbers on the jerseys… so the rusty hamster wheel in Robert’s head came up with a funny idea. He grabbed some trainer’s tape… and gave himself a new jersey number.

Hint: It’s more than 68. Less than 70. And he thought it was REALLY funny because he was walking around the practice field LAUGHING. HUH HUH HUH!! GRONK MAKE JOKE!! NUMBER FUNNY HUH HUH! Of course he was laughing, it’s hilarious stuff.

As long as you’re the type of steak head who alters the back of your Toyota pickup so it says “YO” …. scratches off the letters on the hand drier so it says “Push Butt” and thinks wet willys are high comedy. It’s probably taken Gronk this long to get to that jersey number joke, because he’s spent the first 5 years of his career laughing about the fact that he plays “Tight End” huh huh huh. And him laughing over the lowest common demonitator just tells you he’s a football terminator.

Belichick will bench Jonas Gray for showing up late.. .but Gronk makes a dirty joke and just gets a hoodie head shake. I’d say never change Robert, but I already know you never will. YO SOY SESENTA Y NUEVE!!! HUH HUH HHUH

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