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Most Insane Athletes On The Planet

Quick Pop Quiz – Who are the most insane athletes on the planet? Base-jumpers? MMAers? X-Games? EHHH. Female arm wrestlers. And it’s not even close.

In fact, I’m not sure some of these women aren’t werewolves. You might remember this gal screaming her soul out back in the day.

ANIMAL. She’s having a simple arm wrestling match. And it sounds like she’s having a baby. But she’s gotta be a rogue banshee. One of a kind, right… Every sport has its screamer. No way we could find that same blood-thirsty insanity from another wrestler, right? Wrong. We may found one that’s even crazier. Take the children to the basement and get the shotguns- This monster is going to terrorize the whole village.

PURE EVIL. Now THAT is attacking the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

They say arm-wrestling is about getting leverage with your wrist. I think it’s all about needing an exorcist. I’m actually shocked she didn’t projectile vomit into her helpless opponent.

Her victory scream…makes the lead singer of Cannibal Corpse sound like Adam Levine. I’d rather fight the entire LOB than walk into a dark alley with that lady. “Over the top.” And completely terrifying. No thanks.

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