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Most Embarrassing Reality Show Ever

I just watched not maybe the most embarrassing reality show I’ve ever seen, and it came from the shield. It was called the veteran’s combine, and was a tougher watch over the weekend than American Idol ever was.

Remember how you’d squirm in your sofa watching some gal slaughter the Righteous Brothers in front of Simon? Try watching some of these veterans run a 40. Your average veterinarian could clock a faster time. Like former game-breaker Felix Jones running… A 4.85??? Jerry Jones could have run him down from behind. That’s just not right. And neither is Michael Bush checking in at 4.9. … 4.9??? In what- the 50? Jeb Bush could have dusted you, dude.

I get that these 40s are electronically timed… but there are guys running 4.9 on the o-line.

It’s too bad for Tim Tebow he didn’t show up to this, it sounds like he’d be one of the best players there. If they drag this thing out next year- they should let everybody know ahead of time that the veterans combine is more like an old folks home.

Grandpa Felix. Pops playing shuffleboard with an oxygen tank looked more NFL ready than a first round pick. Saddest display from a Cowboys old folks home, since dudes were hitting those runaway llamas with lassos.

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