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More About Rookie-ism Than Sexism

Last night was the Clippers worst night of the season. Blown out by Cleveland. 5 technicals. An ejection. And Chris Paul hearing sexism accusations. He drew a Tech from first year referee Lauren Holtkamp, and then suggested she might need to look for other work.

I don’t see sexism. I see some sour grapes and frustration. Yes, he used the word “she”. How was he supposed to characterize her? She’s a female. What’s he supposed to say – IT? Some of you twitter eggs act like he called her Sweetheart. He didn’t. He wouldn’t… That doesn’t mean there aren’t guys in the league who’ll have a problem with Holtkamp because she’s female. But I don’t think Paul’s one of them.

This is more about rookie-ism than sexism. But as safe, clean and corporate as Chris Paul likes to play it, he probably should be a little more careful there… I doubt it’s a gender thing, for him. It’s a ref thing, and he doesn’t think she did her job last night. And he isn’t the first or last player to take a little shot at a rookie ref, and it’s even less surprising when you remember the Clippers already had one bad night with Holtcamp earlier in the season.

The bigger issue is Paul complaining about the officiating on a night when he shot 4-14. It’s not the ref’s fault you got killed on the boards and were down 31 to start the 4th quarter… I don’t think Chris Paul was trying to put Holtkamp in the kitchen, but I know the Cavs took him out to the woodshed. And when you get that badly blown out… Whether it’s a man or a woman – you need to keep the refs name out your mouth.

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