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Mike Freeman

Info & Stats: BleacherReport.com NFL Columnist

All Topics: Radio Row | Missed the Pro Bowl | People are still watching the Pro Bowl | Deflate-Gate | Deflate-Gate won’t go away for a while | Ted Wells investigating Deflate-Gate | Ball pressure | Being a Star Trek fan | Feeling of the Patriots getting away with everything | Richard Sherman’s comments on Goodell and Kraft’s relationship | Awful season for the NFL | Super Bowl 49 | Likes Patriots to win

Jan 26th 2015

Mike on the Pro Bowl’s ratings: “Anything with football they will watch it.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Jan 26th 2015

Jan 16th 2015

All Topics: NFL Playoffs | New England Patriots and Spygate | Spygate | Covering Spygate | What Belichick got from Spygate | Spygate wasn’t about a huge advantage | The wrap of the Patriots cheating still | The real dislike of the Patriots is because they win so much | Tom Brady | The tuck rule | Amazing what the Patriots have done | Russell Wilson | Seattle’s turning point this season

Mike on Russell Wilson: “He’s outstanding.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Jan 16th 2015

All Topics: Aaron Rodgers’ season | Thinks Rodgers will win the MVP | Thinks Rodgers’ best was better than Favre’s best | Rodgers makes fewer mistakes than Favre did | Green Bay’s defense | Seattle’s defense | Green Bay at home | Colin Kaepernick | Teams have figured out Kaepernick | Kaepernick looks out of it | Jim Harbaugh’s future in San Francisco | San Francisco players don’t look like they care | Johnny Manziel being named starter | Thinks Manziel has the talent to succeed curious about the head | RG3 | Jay Gruden doesn’t even bother faking like he cares about RG3 | Dan Snyder

Dec 9th 2014

Mike on Aaron Rodgers: “It’s remarkable what he’s doing.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Dec 9th 2014

Sept 11th 2014

All Topics: Ray Rice video | Roger Goodell’s handling of the Rice case so far | The NFL has had one massive screw up after another on the Rice case | The league never taking domestic violence seriously | Thinks Goodell didn’t want to see the Rice video | The NFL’s arrogance | The Ravens are finally telling the truth now | The Ravens wanted to believe Ray Rice because they liked him | AP report on the league having the Rice video since April | Believes the report | Roger Goodell’s job status | Goodell’s well-liked by the owners right now | Accountability | Mark Cuban’s comments about the NFL earlier this year | Empires | Jovan Belcher’s situation |

Mike on the NFL’s stance on domestic violence: “They’ve never believed it’s a problem because they don’t care.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Sept 11th 2014

June 19th 2014

All Topics: Ray Rice’s two game suspension | Rice got off incredibly easy | Rice’s suspensions looks bad | Ray Rice’s meeting with Roger Goodell | Rice knocking a women out cold | NFL handling domestic violence issues | Players usually won’t speak up on domestic violence issues | Players will talk about everything but domestic violence issues | Greg Hardy’s incident | How the league will deal with Hardy
July 24th 2014
Mike on Ray Rice getting a two game suspension for the incident with his wife: “Pretty shocking.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • July 24th 2014

All Topics: Washington Redskins story is crazy | U.S. Patent Office canceling Washington Redskins trademarks | Dan Snyder standing by the Redskins name | Thinks the NFL will want out of this Redskins mess | Explains why Snyder won’t change the name | The Redskins fan base | Times have changed with social media | Snyder won’t take someone telling him what to do | Snyder has fought his entire life | Roger Goodell |

Mike on Dan Snyder: “He will not take someone telling him what to do.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • June 19th 2014

Feb 26th 2014

All Topics: Jason Avant is maybe the best human being who ever lived outside of Jesus | Avant’s future | What Avant means to the universe | NFL Combine | JaDeveon Clowney’s 40 | Clowney’s speed is devastating | Houston Texans being very impressed with Clowney | Clowney’s interview went well at the Combine | Texans have a tough decision at #1 | The game of misinformation right now | Ron Jaworski’s saying he wouldn’t draft Manziel in the first 3 rounds | Combine experience | Teams overlooking what players did on the field | Jim Harbaugh’s future in San Francisco | Jim Harbaugh is not easy to get along with | Jim Harbaugh wanting more say on the roster | The locker room likes Jim Harbaugh

Mike on Jim Harbaugh: “Not an easy guy to get along with.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Feb 26th 2014

Nov 21st 2013

All Topics: His article on how the NFL’s plan for its 1st openly gay player fell apart | Jason Collins coming out | NFL teams being reluctant to sign an openly gay player | The attention a team would get for signing an openly gay player | The NFL League office wanting to have an openly gay player signed | The NFL and Players Union knowing the identity of some gay players | Players don’t come out because of what happened to Jason Collins | He thinks within a couple of years a gay NFL active player will come out

Mike on how close an NFL team was to signing an openly gay player: “They came really really close.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Nov 21st 2013

Sep 30th 2013

All Topics: Peyton Manning’s 2013 Season | Peyton needing to reach the Super Bowl | The Denver Broncos offense | Demaryius Thomas | Jack Del Rio’s defense | Von Miller and Champ Bailey still not playing | Del Rio and USC rumors | Del Rio’s love for SC | Matt Ryan | Ryan’s contract | Matt Schaub | Beginning to think the Texans will never reach the Super Bowl with Schaub at quarterback | Pittsburgh Steelers situation | Mike Tomlin | Steelers falling off a cliff |

Mike on Jack Del Rio’s possible interest in the USC job: “I know that’s a place he’d always wanted to coach.”

Apr 26th 2013

All Topics: NFL Draft | An executive telling him how bad the Draft was | E.J. Manuel being the only quarterback taken in the 1st round | One of the biggest smoke screen Draft’s he’s ever covered | Teams are defiantly lying | Manuel’s game | Doug Marrone not going with Ryan Nassib | One scout comparing Nassib to Ryan Leaf? | Geno Smith | There are some teams that didn’t like Smith personality | Very divided league over Smith | Smith will be an attendance tonight | Thinks Smith will go pretty early tonight | No running backs taken in the first round | The direction of the league offensively | New York Jets going defense with both picks in the first round |

Mike on the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft: “That was crazy.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Apr 26th 2013

Jun 18, 2012:

Mike on Jonathan Vilma at the New Orleans bounty case appeal hearings: “He basically showed up, told the commissioner his process is a sham and left.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Jun 18, 2012 Interview

Jun 04, 2012:

Mike’s take on why the Jets traded for Tim Tebow: “I think they want him to be the quarterback down the road.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Jun 04, 2012 Interview

Feb 15, 2012:

Mike on the Jeremy Lin story: “It’s turning into something pretty special.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Feb 15, 2012 Interview

Jul 21, 2011:

Mike on the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement: “Within the next few days this will get done.”

  • Mike Freeman
  • Jul 21, 2011 Interview

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