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Michael Malone

Info & Stats: Denver Nuggets Head Coach

All Topics: Denver’s locker room last season | Relationships being more important than X’s and O’s | Flying to Italy to see Danilo Gallinari | Kenneth Faried | Playing Faried | Faried’s motor | Emmanuel Mudiay | Mudiay’s talents | Chris Paul on Mudiay | Mudiay’s background | Coaching LeBron James and Steph Curry | LeBron’s work ethic | Steph’s confidence | Sacramento stint | Being fired in his second season in Sacramento | Josh Kroenke has been terrific |

Oct 8th 2015

Michael on if he’s ever been around a 19 year old like Emmanuel Mudiay: “I haven’t.”

  • Michael Malone
  • Oct 8th 2015

Nov 3rd 2014

All Topics: Beating the Clippers on their home court | DeMarcus Cousins’ game vs. Clippers | Cousins is so talented | Team USA experience for DeMarcus and Rudy Gay | Cousins coming back a better leader | Rudy being a team guy | Gay’s being a lot more vocal this season | Gay’s game | Being a lot more comfortable as a head coach | Kings outside of the box thinking | Vivek Ranadive wanting to cherry pick

Michael on DeMarcus Cousins: “He’s the key to our team.”

  • Mike Malone
  • Nov 3rd 2014

June 5th 2013

All Topics: Ownership being key on why he accepted position | His history | Changing cultures | Sacramento being long lost from their glory years | Finding a way to improve everyday | Choice to embrace | DeMarcus Cousins | On certain nights Cousins can be the best big man in the league | Cousins youth, maturity | His time with LeBron James in Cleveland | James now compared to when he was around | LeBron leaving Cleveland | LeBron is a true basketball player | His father Brendan will be joining him on his staff | Memories of his dad coaching |

Michael on DeMarcus Cousins: “On certain nights he can be the best big man in the league.”

  • Mike Malone
  • June 5th 2013