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Michael Bennett on Sunday’s ride around CenturyLink: ‘When I first lost my virginity, that was a good bike ride too, but not as good as this one’

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett told The Jim Rome Show why he went for a joy ride around CenturyLink Field on a police officer’s bicycle after their epic 28-22 comeback overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship.

“I just saw the bike, I was like ‘man, shoot we’re going to the Super Bowl again, they’re not going to mind if I take the bike’ I’m not going to take his gun but I’m going to take his bike,” said Bennett . “So I was just riding around the stadium, I didn’t know it was going to get that much exposure. I was just having a good time, popping wheelies, riding around giving the fans high fives and stuff. I just thought it was a cool thing to do.”
Bennett had to hesitate when asked if that was the greatest bike ride he’s ever had.

“When I first lost my virginity, that was a good bike ride too, but not as good as this one.”

As for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers saying the better team didn’t win on Sunday, Bennett says it’s sour grapes.

“It just didn’t sound good to me, sometimes you got to lose with class,” Bennett said. “And I just think we say stuff like that that just doesn’t make any sense.”

The defending Super Bowl champion says it’s simple: the Packers didn’t finish.

“If you were the best team you would have won the game,” Bennett said. “You got to play all the way through the game to be a champion. You can’t get ahead of yourself.”

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