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Michael Bennett on Kelvin Benjamin: ‘I think he should be fined $100,000 for spitting in my face’

Seattle’s Michael Bennett said his teammate Russell Okung’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty Saturday night was really called on him, but for a good reason. The veteran defensive lineman says he was just reacting to Carolina Panthers wideout Kelvin Benjamin spitting in his face.

“At first I was in disbelief like ‘did you really just do that,’” Bennett told The Jim Rome Show. “And I asked the ref ‘did you see that?’ because I didn’t want to act out and then he walked away and the ref was like ‘I can’t do nothing’ and then that really made me mad, the powers that be didn’t see it, then I tried to chase him and then I got a flag.”

The 29-year old Bennett said Benjamin knew what he did was wrong, but thinks the Carolina rookie is like a lot of younger guys in the league: entitled.

“I thought that was just a lot of disrespect, he apologized after the game,” said Bennett, “but I feel like a lot young guys that come into the NFL, they just seem like everything is handed to them and they just don’t have no respect for all the guys that put in work before them.”

The Super Bowl champ believes Benjamin should be hearing from the league over the incident.

“Aaron Rodgers got (Ndamukong) Suh fined $70,000,” Bennett said of the Lions’ stomp on the Green Bay quarterback. “I think he should be fined $100,000 for spitting in my face.”

Asked how he kept his cool after being spit on, Bennett was thinking big picture.

“It’s just one of those things, we got a championship mindset, don’t let anything push you over the limit where your agenda becomes more important than the team,” said Bennett. “And that’s hard to do sometimes, so we just had to come back to earth and make sure I didn’t do anything to hurt the team because I knew they needed me to stay in the game and make sure all of us were ready to play the game.”

  • Michael Bennett
  • Jan 13th 2015

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