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Miami Beach Bowl Brawl

Let’s hand out prizes for the most jacked up part of the Miami Beach Bowl. The fact that they were playing it on Monday afternoon? Or that it went down on a Florida baseball diamond? Any other day, either of those would win first place. But yesterday that ribbon goes to Memphis and BYU for punching each other in the face.

Just brutal. The last time we saw violence that nasty in South Florida, The Miami Canes were stomping out FIU, hitting them with crutches and Lamar Thomas was trying to leave his spot in the broadcast booth to go down in the elevator and join the fight.

This brawl, though, was even bloodier. And I have to believe there’s something in that BYU code of conduct that prohibits leaving your feet to sucker punch dudes in the head. Really, that’s in the human being code of conduct.

What was Memphis going over to the BYU bench to celebrate. Stay classy. And half the swingers on that field were breaking the code of football fighting. Namely, Keep your bonnet on at all times. We finally got an answer to the question of What’s dumber than football fighters punching each other in the helmet? College players gushing blood because they weren’t even wearing one.

Both sides should be embarrassed. Go ahead and slap a steak on that swollen face, because that was a disgrace.

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