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Melo’s Mindset

Suddenly Carmelo Anthony has the same creed as Chuck Sheen: WINNING. The Knicks have ripped off a 2-game winning streak. They did the Sixers last night. They’re dangerously close to NOT being the worst team in the league.

But if they keep winning games they might be the dumbest. Remember, the NBA is not about Bs, Cs, and Ds. Only As and F-minuses. The Knicks are built to fail out of school.

Two wins in a row? Eyes on the prize, fellas. And that prize is the top pick in the draft, not a few extra meaningless wins over some fellow scrubs in the East. Melo, though, says he’s not down with that.”I don’t know how to have that mindset… To say we’re going to go out there and we want to lose a basketball game, I think that’s a bad mentality to have.”

Actually, – you know exactly how to have that mindset. If your mindset was about WINNING basketball games… You’d be playing in Houston or Chicago right now. You could have chosen a contender. Instead, you chose legal tender. Lots of it. And that means you’re going to lose lots of games.

But here’s the good news- You don’t have to TRY to lose. No one’s asking you to. Just be yourself. It’s been working great. No one’s telling you to join Team Tank… Just keep shooting for Team Clank, and your teammates will do the rest.

Just spare me the song and dance about you having a winning mentality. Because when you say you’re not about tanking, the world knows you’re really all about Banking.

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